Some of our available Rasin CDs:

Markus Schwartz - Tanbou Nan Lakou Brooklyn
Markus Schwartz
Chandel - Mea Culpa
Azor - Samba a Pi Move, Vol. 2
Boukman Eksperyans - Libete
Boukman Eksperyans
Mambo Diela - Guede Sans Limite
Mambo Diela
Azor - Azò ak Boulo
Raram - Toubouyon
Koudjay - Pran Beton
Eddy Francois - Zinga
Eddy Francois
Vaudou - Seremoni Grann
Koudjay - Bwa Mare
Boukman Eksperyans - Live at Red Rocks
Boukman Eksperyans
Boukman Eksperyans - Vodou Adjae
Boukman Eksperyans


The above titles are just some of the more popular CDs in our Rasin collection.
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