Some of our available Konpa CDs:

Skah Shah - Legal 2004
Skah Shah
Ti Corne - Cèvolan
Ti Corne
Robert Martino - Robert Martino and Friends, Vol. 1
Robert Martino
509 - 509 Shake
Mixed CDs - Classic Lovers
Mixed CDs
Digital Express - L'Homme Digital
Digital Express
Djakout Mizik - Lòd Nan Dezòd
Djakout Mizik
Compilations - Gwodada
Artistes Varies - Konpalojik
Artistes Varies
Djakout Mizik - Love Songs
Djakout Mizik
T-Vice - Kompa Kontak
System Band - Ou Lage Ko'w
System Band
System Band - Nan Building Nan
System Band
509 - Live - Bon Jwè
Leon Dimanche - J'ai Vu
Leon Dimanche
The above titles are just some of the more popular CDs in our Konpa collection.
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