Q. How come so many CDs are out of stock?

A. Some CDs in our inventory move very fast. There are CDs we sometimes have to buy every week. Because we have so many titles, we try not to have too many of any one CD, to keep our costs down. Nevertheless, on recent albums, a request from you for us to get a CD is usually met with a positive response within a few days. If our site shows that we have a CD in stock, that CD really is on our shelves!

Often times, older CDs that we offer on our site run out and cannot easily be replaced. In many cases, it takes months, sometimes years for the owner of the music to go ahead and print a new batch. There's very little we can do about that, short of removing the CD from the site altogether. We prefer not to do that, as we still continue to try to obtain those CDs, except in some rare cases, when we know for sure that CD will not be produced again (then we discontinue that item from our site). Rest assured that we are letting producers and suppliers know when you ask for a CD, so those requests, although sometimes unfulfilled, are very useful.

Q. Is it safe to enter my credit card on the site?

Yes, it is. We process all our payments through PayPal, which takes all necessary measures to protect your information. Checkout Cds does not ever have direct access to your credit card data.

Q. Can help me get in touch with an artist?

Often times, people visiting the site need to get in touch with an artist or a band, usually for booking information. While we're not garanteeing our being able to contact all of them, in many cases,we can forward requests or messages to the bands for you. We're here to promote Haitian and Caribbean music. It's a pleasure for us to help in any way we can!

Q. How come you don't have album xyz, even though it is very popular?

We try to bring you all the items you might desire. However, often times there are albums circulating out there that were produced without the authorization of the band that is featured. These albums are commonly referred to as bootlegs.

We at believe that the sale of bootleg CDs, DVDs, and videos hurts the Haitian Entertainment industry.
Our Pledge to our customers, and to members of the industry:

We will not sell or distribute bootleg products on our web site, or through any other outlet. As bootleg manufacturers are improving their methods of manufacturing counterfeit products, we are constantly improving our sourcing methods to minimize the possibility of having non-authentic products on our shelves.

If you were to notice any CD, DVD, or video you believe is not distributed with the consent of the featured artists, please let us know.

If you have any questions about this site, our products, shipping details, credit card security, etc. Please drop us a note. We Always answer our email, and will add the most frequently asked questions to this area. Your feedback is always appreciated!

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